Farmers Market Opens for Season

The time is ripe for the farmers market in Scranton. For 76 years, farmers have brought their harvests into the city for folks to pick and choose.

From the farm right into the open arms of people just chomping at the bit to get their first taste of what Scranton’s Co-op Farmers Market has to offer.

On the first day of the market, there was no shortage of farm fresh food from all over the area, just what Karen Davis of Scranton was looking for.

“Corn, corn and peaches. I like the fresh zucchini, lettuce, whatever they put out I’ll take it,” she said.

Plenty of veggies were up for sale at Jim’s Farm Produce stand. In order to get it all to the market, farmers said they loaded up three trucks and a trailer; signs of a solid growing season so far.

“We’ve had abundant rain, you know, little bit hard to get in the fields sometimes, but the stuff needs rain to grow,” said Brian Schirg.

The farmers market started at noon, but an entire hour before that people were out already, picking up all kinds of produce to go home with them.

“Wonderful to get all the fresh fruit. I grow tomatoes, but they didn’t start yet. They’re really slow this year,” said Marlene Mastro of Dunmore.

That is where the pros come in handy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through November at this long-running farmers market.



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